Contest! Bra!

Lingerie Model 1949 / Library of Congress

Lingerie Model 1949 / Library of Congress


How do you put on a bra with one hand?

14 Responses to “Contest! Bra!”

  1. Oliver writes:

    Nothing wrong with your eye! You have a pefect sense of imagery and a poet’s sense of how to use a few words. I look forward to your posts.

    p.s.: be careful when using “perfect.” my iPad corrected whatever I typed to “pervert.”

  2. Grace Carpenter writes:

    When I can put my bra on–with my hands behind my back–I’ll know I’m fully recovered.

  3. Patsy writes:

    I lie on the bed or floor with the bra’s back clips down up by my good R hand I put my feet thro the gap between the strap and bra and pull the bra up with my R hand. Grace yes it would be wonderful.

  4. Linda writes:

    The time saving benefits of going bra-less!

  5. Eric writes:

    I can’t even get them off one handed. Amelia still laughs at me.

  6. Moira writes:

    I can pull mine on over my head! I undo the clasp with one had to take them off.

  7. Dana writes:

    They make magnetic bra clasps! I buy mine at the fabric store.

  8. Sasha writes:

    Wear a sports bra? No clasps, and can be pulled on over one’s head.

  9. Pita writes:

    Lay the bra down on the bed. Lay on top of bra so it is around my middle. Pull strap over to hook the blasted thing. Spin it around the the boulder holders are where they belong and shove non working arm through strap the the other arm and wiggle, tug and stuff bits until it is sorta in the right place.

  10. meg writes:

    You’ve probably solved this by now, but front closure bras are awesome if you still have some use of your arm. You can use one hand to hook and close, and the arm to hold the cup of the other side in place. They also stretch more than regular for over the head maneuvers-

  11. Shay writes:

    Leave the clasps hooked and put over your head like you would a tshirt. Just sort of pull it on in that manner.

  12. Natashakakan writes:

    Do it up before putting it on, then pull it over your head.

  13. duke writes:

    I can take my wife”s bra off just fine!!! 🙂

  14. CoeusPrime writes:

    This may get me booted but I would say: ask any 16 year-old male, who has in most cases already mastered the reverse with one hand. Enterprising fellows those kids. Just kidding of course but this does point out something I wish more folks knew about aphasia ppl. We are not sub-intelligent but almost more importantly, our sense of humor has not been amputated or atrophied! I think that is one of the things I miss the most, the timing and ability to tell a joke. Having something funny in your head and not being able to let it out…..

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