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Nerve Pills / Wellcome Images

Despite my stroke, I am charming and well-adjusted.

People say I am inspiring. I don’t want to be inspiring. I want to be better.

9 Responses to “Inspiration”

  1. Elisha writes:

    People say. Oh your so strong, you cope so well. I get ya I don’t wanna be strong either I wanna be healthy again

  2. Mason B writes:

    Jackie HATES it when people say that to her.

  3. holly jo writes:

    Nina, you’d be inspiring (and wonderful and amazing) even if your mind hadn’t popped!

  4. as(dc) writes:

    ditto what holly jo said!

  5. Jo writes:

    “You’re so brave.” Well, that’s nice, but I’d rather be amazing for other reasons than my bravery. I’ve taken to saying, “Yeah, and I can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch, too.”

  6. Jocelyn W. writes:

    Found you via The Hairpin and enjoying reading back. I’m bedridden with ME/CFS. I get this too. Also “you’re so brave.” I’ve come to the conclusion that bravery is what people who don’t have to do the things you have to do call you doing the things you do have to do.

  7. K writes:

    I definitely get where you’re coming from. I was born with a physical disability that won’t ever go away, so “getting better” isn’t an option for me.

    “You’re an inspiration” is just what people say when they really mean “The world is such a hostile, shitty place and I can’t believe you haven’t given up on trying to live in it in a way that satisfies you. What’s the point of living if your mind/body is radically different than most?” It’s patronizing, pure and simple.

    Going about the business of daily life isn’t inspirational just because you do it with a limp (in your case) or a wheelchair (in my case). It just *is*.

  8. Sam writes:

    Best thing I’ve read on the internet all year. Superb blog.

  9. Maureen writes:

    oh ho i know this feelinfg every day. i want to be me and famialir


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