Waiting / Wellcome Images

Waiting / Wellcome Images

I watched while my friends did extraordinary things. They discovered planets, became doctors and lawyers, started companies, had kids.

I had a stroke so I had to wait.

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  1. Extraordinary writes:

    What is an extraordinary thing. Can’t mean “rare” because having kids ain’t so rare.

    IMHO, its more interesting to read this blog than hear about lives of lawyer friends.

  2. hk writes:

    You dealt with your stroke with unwavering grace, humor, courage and perseverance. That, my friend, is extraordinary.

  3. Magda writes:

    This made me tear up a little. You and your recovery ARE extraordinary. Did I ever tell you about going to visit you in the ICU shortly after totally bombing my GMATs? I was feeling very sorry for myself, but the visit put my problems in perspective. Watching you work through your recovery was both humbling and inspiring. It made me realize that my worries and accomplishments were so trivial compared to what you were doing.

  4. Joanie writes:

    Just read this entry to my daughter and she cried because you’ve summed up everything in a couple of sentences. She had a stroke at 18 in May 2009 and has aphasia. We’re going to read some more now, thanks for writing this blog! 🙂 All the best for your recovery.

  5. as(dc) writes:

    neener, this post itself shows how wrong the post is. helen said it better than i could, but your grace and courage have been extrordinary, and your sense of puckish inquiry, curiosity, and insightful humor have always been extraordinary. i can’t speak for those who discovered planets, but what you’ve done humbles and inspires me.

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