Look at my eyes

Cap 48

Cap 48

“Look at my eyes.
I said, my eyes.”

From an ad for Cap 48, a Belgian disability organization.

7 Responses to “Look at my eyes”

  1. Mason B writes:

    Love it! I must admit, her eyes were not the first thing I saw, and it is not what you are thinking of!

  2. Magda writes:

    Very cool ad!

  3. Kate S. writes:


  4. dean r writes:

    I know this is not the same but when I was in college and balding any women I talked to, their eyes would drift to my forehead.

  5. Rebecca D writes:

    This picture is brilliant. I always think people are staring at my hemiplegic hand when I walk. Most people ask about my ankle. I guess what they see first is my leg brace.

  6. Joseph, writes:

    Your new mind blows my mind.Speech Pathologist for 40 years,thanks.

  7. Nora writes:

    She’s beautiful. And so are you.
    Your words give me hope.

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