Huge shoes

Huge Shoes / Wellcome Images

Huge Shoes / Wellcome Images

Many stroke victims purchase two identical pairs of shoes in different sizes. This is so they will fit their good foot into a normal shoe, and their cloddy ankle brace foot into a shoe 2 sizes bigger. Me, I just walked around in a single pair of huge shoes.

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  1. jim writes:

    You’re the best…Thanks Jim

  2. Mike writes:

    Cool.You’re so smart!I used to do the same thing too and my current therapist laughed at it.Since I started to use an Aircast during my locomotor training and when I go out , I am able to buy a pair that fits well.Life after a stroke is cruel.Life after locomotor training with therapists who does locomotor training really well is more livable.

  3. jerrianne taylor writes:

    I always wonder where you get your photos from. Would you mind telling me? I’ve replied on here once asking about what software you use for the computer…my son has aphasia from a stroke he suffered in 2004 when he was almost 20. I tell him about the things you write about. God bless, Jerrianne from Georgia.

  4. Nina Mitchell writes:

    Hi Jerrianne,
    Most images are from Wellcome Images and the Library of Congress. I use WordPress for this site and Dragon for typing. I have asked some speech therapists I know what other software they would recommend for aphasia…will get back to you if they respond. All the best, Nina
    The first website my friends thought of was:

  5. Lindsay writes:

    I have the same problem as I used to love high heel shoes because I’m 4’11”. It really burns my biscuits that I can’t wear cute shoes. My sister found me something from Nine West and they are cute flat sandals. They’re not online but similar styles I found are here:

    They are elastic so it gives a little more when you put on the brace. It’s not the holy grail of shoes but at least there not ginormous clown shoes. I have many pairs of that style and I’m not a fan!

    I hope it helps 🙂

  6. Madeleine writes:

    Well, I have a pair of Doc Martins in my size and a pair of sneakers in a size bigger because the normal size my ankle brace squaked! haha But I have not got clown shoes!

  7. duke writes:

    i got shoes 1 size bigger, my afo fits nicely in the left,,, the toes on my right foot go swimming

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