Rude to Waiters

Waiters / Wellcome Images

Waiters / Wellcome Images

I was told by a speech therapist to ask my friends who knew me before and after my stroke what had changed about me. My friend Helen said that since my stroke, I was sometimes rude to waiters. Before my stroke I was a princess of etiquette.

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  1. Rai writes:

    Apparently I forget to say “please” a lot since my stroke. I think I’ve tacked it onto the end of the sentence but don’t. I’m learning for it to be the first word I say so as not to offend.

  2. Linda writes:

    My friends are commenting that they know that I am getting a lot better because I am back to being bossy and argumentative again. I am not sure what that says about the “before” me or the me I want to be now.

  3. Barbara Polan writes:

    For the first month or so, my husband and my boss objected to the fact that when I finished a conversation with someone (in person or on the phone), I was finished and I said good-bye. In one case, I turned around and walked out of a hospital room, leaving my visitor behind. I learned to be very polite instead, which is not so hard after all. Before the stroke, I was a big fan of “please” and “thank you,” and ending a conversation graciously; I think I’m back there now.

    Linda, I too often think about the “me I want to be now.” There was so much to fix in the old me.

  4. duke writes:

    I noticed that I become crankier with fatigue,,, especially while i am on the phone…

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