Dancing with Cane / Library of Congress

Dancing with Cane / Library of Congress

In the hospital, I had to use a cane to get around. I couldn’t stand it. If you have only one working hand, a cane uses up your ability to hold things.

An artist friend offered to paint the cane, but I wanted to get rid of it, not prettify it.

Physical therapists said I could stop using the cane soon after.

Goodbye cane. Won’t miss you.

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  1. Rai writes:

    My physio says mine will be gone in 3 months (shhh don’t tell her I only use it at the hospital when I have rehab) I am already preparing the dance I shall do to celebrate!

  2. Nina Mitchell writes:

    Yeah, I didn’t use mine at home either. Kick it, cane!

  3. Grace writes:

    Someone I’m close to has made best friends with her cane. It is her excuse, no matter what. It makes me so very sad.

  4. Jerry writes:

    Hi Nina-

    I was forced to use a cane in rehab also. Now I make do with my brace. I have a pronounced limp but no cane.

    Best regards,


  5. Mike writes:

    I never used my cane and afo at home.In public places(grocery, malls)I use a cane to stay safe since my ankle isn’t that stable without the Aircast ankle support.I’m training hard so I can ditch the cane and Aircast

  6. Bruce writes:

    My Dad does not want a Cane…I am beginning to understand that! he has to use a wheeled walker!

  7. duke writes:

    my cane and afo are still a part of my life. I hate them but i realize that they are just tools to help me get stronger. 4 months ago the nursing staff needed two people and a hoyer lift just to get me up to the bathroom and shower,, my wheeled walker has gone the way of the dodo and ill soon replace my quad cane with a single point, my trunk, hamstring and foot are very weak, but i hope to be walking for a good distance by the end of the year

  8. Vicki writes:

    I have an impaired left arm and hand acquired in adulthood. I notice that how I think about risk has changed. I feel I can’t afford to harm my legs for the same reason that you wanted to get rid of your cane–too limiting. One working hand isn’t enough to be a leg and do everything else as well!

  9. amy writes:

    That’s the way to think, Mike!

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