Dancer / Library of Congress

Dancer / Library of Congress

After many years, my stroke foot goes heel-toe, heel-toe when I walk. Ta-da.

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  1. Grace Carpenter writes:


  2. dean r writes:

    I had to go back to the PFO and the heel-toe went away again.
    Wonderful for you.

  3. Rai writes:

    So pleased! Mine isn’t there yet but I’ve been practicing walking up stairs sleepy foot first! Oh and I have to ask, has anyone else done damage to their good knee etc favouring their bad?

  4. Chris writes:

    Quit bragging!

  5. Mike writes:

    what it a heel-toe?

  6. Nina Mitchell writes:

    To Mike: When you walk normally, you put your heel down first and then the toes. For many years I couldn’t work my ankle properly and I would trip, going toes first, then heel.

  7. Mike writes:

    Nina, is it the same as the pattern: dorsiflex, heel strike,toe lands on surface, plantarflex. I can repeat the pattern over and over now.Guess, we’re getting better 🙂

  8. duke writes:

    nina good to hear,, im still in afo but its good to hear that regaining is possible

  9. Emma Glover writes:

    I’m still in my AFO 5 years after and am now getting a lot of calf pain in my affected leg. Wondering if it could be that I have no muscle tone from relying on the AFO. Opinions would be appreciated cuz it’s affecting my ability to walk and exercise and bumming me out. Thanks, Emma

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