Fashion Show

Fashion Show / Library of Congress

Fashion Show / Library of Congress

I am supposed to sway my right stroke hip like a supermodel struts the catwalk.

Strut. Strut.

3 Responses to “Fashion Show”

  1. duke writes:

    my left hip is affected.. with a cane i can compensate,, but without it i walk like quasimoto,, for now

  2. dean reinke writes:

    But I assume you are not to be wearing the 6 inch heels and watch the models sprain their ankles and fall down as they walk.

  3. Beth writes:

    I always get yelled sat by my therapists for dragging my left hip so I tend to overcompensate and throw it forward. Feel silly and probably look ridiculous, but it’s something I really have to concentrate on do correctly.

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