Bad for You

Funnel Cake / Library of Congress

Funnel Cake / Library of Congress

In the rehab hospital, I graduated to a daylong neuro program, sleeping at home but coming to therapy during the day. Patients in the program were sent to the hospital cafeteria for lunch. My parents saw the lunch and were perplexed. Much of food was bad for you, what the patients probably shouldn’t have been eating: fried catfish, french fries, candy bars. But the neuro patients didn’t mind. We had all lost so much weight. We gobbled down everything and enjoyed it.

2 Responses to “Bad for You”

  1. Emma Glover writes:

    I lost a stupid amount of weight during my 19 months in hospital. Unfotrunately I’ve put it all back on and then some. Now it’s crazy hard to lose weight cuz I can’t go fast enough to do good cardio. Hospital ‘food’ shouldn’t even be called food!!!!

  2. El Guapo writes:

    Good to put the weight back on.
    And who doesn’t love a good fried catfish?

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