Jodie Foster

Funny Side / Library of Congress

Funny Side / Library of Congress

In the hospital they asked me what month it was. The correct answer was July.

I said, “Jodie Foster.”

If the words coming out of your mouth are not what you intend, who’s talking?

4 Responses to “Jodie Foster”

  1. Lauren writes:

    This post! Love it. Although I love most things you write. So you know.

  2. duke writes:

    I was fortunate In that my stroke had Very lkittle effect on my speech.. strangely enough it did affect my singing. I used to have a decent singing voice, but now it breaks when i try. I feel very sorry for those who cannot speak at all or who can only say one or two words that don’t make any sense in the context they are used. When I worked as a termite inspector i was at a home talking to the owner whose mother was present and a stroke victim. We were talking about families and about how I had grown up in Virginia. The lady was very alert and interested in what I was saying and I could see the frustration on her face because she wanted to speak to me about our families. When i was leaving the owner told me the only word she could say was “Banana”

  3. Andy writes:

    When I was on a weekend break from rehab I wanted coke but asked for “Black Cock”. Thank goodness I was surrounded by friends who saw the funny side.

  4. Liza writes:

    I too , was lucky that my speech was only briefly affected by my stroke. But I also found that I cannot sing a note. I can’t even sing along with the radio in the car. The sound of my own voice is horrifying. Oh well, I was never very good anyway.

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