Rhinoceros / Wellcome Images

Rhinoceros / Wellcome Images

When I was in the hospital, my friends decided I was not a teddy bear type.  Therefore I received a stuffed animal kangaroo, flamingo, ostrich, three-foot-long rhinoceros and iridescent iguanas #1 and #2 (the first one mysteriously disappeared, so another was provided). I don’t know why our society gives adults stuffed animals when they’re nearly dead. But they were appreciated nonetheless.

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  1. Rai writes:

    My friends brought me food and sun-catchers to decorate the window. Nurses let me keep a large plastic tub “Pantry” in the kitchen. (Hospitals don’t do vegan food well)

  2. Rai writes:

    I just re-read that. There was no decoration of windows with food. The sun-catchers all looked good though.

  3. Elisha writes:

    hehe I got stuffed toys to, but also books. Appreciated yes, but i couldn’t even sit up without throwing up and could only stay awake for about 30 minutes at a time, certainly didn’t have the strength or desire to read. Too busy trying to live!

  4. Jessica writes:

    Hey, giving you a rhino somehow made this member of society feel better. Not sure why. Maybe for the laugh I hoped it would provoke!

  5. Nina Mitchell writes:

    Thanks, Jessica! Yes, the rhino gave much comfort.

  6. duke writes:

    I got a box of chocolates and my daughter did some drawings of disney characters for me, She also put together some photos of her nd my son. my brother bought me the book captain’s courageous,because when we were little he got very ill and almost died. I was looking for a bible but i mistook the black hardbound captain’s courageous for it, i put it by his bed and prayed as hard as a 6 year old could. must have worked … he is still kicking 42 years later.

  7. kate writes:

    Actually, I’m almost 40 and I still collect stuffed animals. I’ve no children, either, so it’s not like I can even use them as an excuse. And I make a point of always getting the out of the ordinary ones. I have a rat, a golden eagle, a rather spectacular collection of turtles, as well as several things that can’t be precisely identified. I think we all need something soft to hold onto and cry into at times.

  8. Sarah writes:

    I had my stroke 14 months ago at 29. I was given a tiny stuffed tiger by my mum, I slept with it every night while I was in hospital and for quite some time after I got out. I still have it, some days it makes me smile, some it makes me cry, I love it to pieces because my mum gave it to me and she’s been there for me for the last 14 months, as trying as I’ve been at times 🙂

  9. Toys | Mindpop. writes:

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