Battle of Bureaucracy

War of Bureaucracy / Wellcome Images

War of Bureaucracy / Wellcome Images

After 5 calls, a certified letter, an email, faxes, a talk with a supervisor and several talks with a manager, my health care company admitted that they made a mistake and will reprocess everything. In the war of health care bureaucracy, I win this battle. Don’t mess with me.

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  1. Phyllis writes:

    Congratulations, Nina! I’m sure you have given lots of people hope that they will successfully survive their battles with the health care industry. It surely has renewed my commitment to advocating for my sister.

  2. Grace Carpenter writes:

    I love the picture.

    Finally my verbal skills are at the point where I can usually advocate for myself, 21 months post-stroke.


  3. Susan M writes:

    Congratulations on your triumph over evil.

  4. duke writes:

    I’ve been managing to support myself and a family in the months sinve my stroke and get my health issues addressed.. but its a constant battle. I am lucky that I was able to sell a few assets and get money from my 401k to keep the wolf away from the door, the problem is that my state disability, which is pretty good, only lasts a few months, then i will have only my military retirement which isnt enough to support us, that is unless my social security and veteran’s disability gets approved. I have did all I could as far as the application process, the issue now is hoping that the SS administration has enough sense to realize I have enough disability to draw a full pension, and the veterans administration does likewise. Its a matter of hoping your package lands in the hands of an efficient person that has common sense. It the not knowing that hurts. In 6 months I could either be living decently and set for the rest of my life with a modest but adequete income, or looking for a place to live and hoping my kids can make it on their own. My health care situation has benn fair, as retired military gets taken care of pretty decently, and since my stroke was tied into a service related condition, i am also eligible for health care through the VA, It can be frustrating to get the ball rolling but once in the system,you can be taken care of well. The worst part of the VA isnt getting the medical care, its getting the proper disability rating and pension.

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