No Weapons of Mass Destruction

Brain 1523 / Wellcome Images

Brain 1523 / Wellcome Images

My brain surgeon emailed me: “I saw your films. They look fine, although I think you’ve aged a bit. No evidence of vascular malformation. No evidence of life on Mars. No evidence of WMD.”


7 Responses to “No Weapons of Mass Destruction”

  1. duke writes:

    He went through 6-8 years of medical school to come to the conclusion that people age over the years?

  2. Nina Mitchell writes:

    I assume it was a joke.

  3. Julia O'C writes:

    Funny doctor is funny.

  4. dean reinke writes:

    But did he find your black hole? Or did he get sucked into it before he could finish his email? I would be very concerned about him.

  5. Elizabeth writes:

    Sounds like he “gets” you. Congratulations on the “clear” MRI! I think this whole process has aged me quite a bit too.

  6. al writes:

    Interesting. That 1523 brain drawing looks like cauliflower. 😉

  7. Jen writes:

    Doc is funny. My films *did* show “evidence of WMD”. That phrase made me laugh a little snort. Good description.

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