Pantaloons / Library of Congress

Pantaloons / Library of Congress

A few months after my stroke, my speech was better. Then the problem was not understanding but getting words out of my head. My speech therapist played lots of word games: “Think of all the clothing that starts with a ‘P’…” Pants. Parka……Pantaloons?

2 Responses to “Pantaloons”

  1. mike writes:

    Pantaloon is acceptable in some parts of Asia.

  2. El Guapo writes:

    plumed hat?
    ‘puppies? (short for hushpuppies)

    Sheesh, those are terrible. I don’t know what I was thinking. I should make an appointment with your neurologist…

    You actually came up with one more than I could have. Pantaloons! Awesome! Now I want a pair.

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