Punks / Wellcome Images

Punks / Wellcome Images

After I was discharged from the hospital, I moved to Los Angeles to live with my parents and go to stroke rehab. I was very lonely. I couldn’t drive, which in L.A. is a problem. So I took the bus everywhere, very slow. On one bus ride, a guy with a Mohawk got on. At another stop, another Mohawk. They did not seem to know each other, nor did they pay attention to each other. Then a third Mohawk man got on.

This bus had reached its Mohawk tipping point. I got up and asked one about it.

“It’s a concert,” he said. “The Unseen. They’re really good.”

Ah. Not that I was hip enough or punk enough to know anything about The Unseen. I thanked him, and went back to my seat. Sure enough, a few stops later the Mohawk men alighted to join a similarly attired crowd on the sidewalk.

That night, I felt better.

2 Responses to “Mohawks”

  1. duke writes:

    if they had Mullets it may have been a Billy Ray Cyrus concert

  2. El Guapo writes:

    Left an Eric Clapton concert at the same time as a punk concert was letting out the next block over.
    Very funny to see the contrast in dress between the two crowds.

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