Winter / Wellcome Images

Winter / Wellcome Images

Boston has lots of snow and ice. If you aren’t totally steady on your feet, you can trip. A lot. Boom! I have hit the ground numerous times in this city. Last year, I made it through the winter without any spills. This year I am hoping for another vertical winter.

7 Responses to “Winter”

  1. Linda writes:

    Cheering you on. I depend on good boots, a sharp pointy end for my cane and the city putting sand or grit down on roadways.

  2. Suzanne BĂ©langer writes:

    there is a lot of ice and snow up here in Montreal. Just staying vertical is exhausting

  3. Sharon Barrett writes:

    My daughter and I have been reading your blog for over a year now, and we’re constantly inspired. I hope it’s okay that I send prayers your way and thanks that you’ve shown that just because you’re ‘sick’ (my daughter has Epilepsy) you can still do your own thing.

  4. Emma Glover writes:

    Good luck with the vertical winter! I’m proud to say that I’ve remained up right this winter!!

  5. El Guapo writes:

    Rock On , Mindpop!
    And spring is coming!

  6. duke writes:

    I was a clutz well before my stroke, I went to cold weather training in the Marines and I spent more time UNDER the snow than on top of it, They should have issued me a periscope with my skis.

  7. Horizontal | Mindpop. writes:

    […] of Contemporary Art in Boston. It was rain that turned to ice. Boom! Last winter I had no falls. See here. Tonight my boyfriend helped me up. Someone passed me my purse which had departed. My red hat flew […]

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