Coffee from Space / Library of Congress

Coffee from Space / Library of Congress

Before my stroke I drank coffee only occasionally. Now I am a coffee fiend.


4 Responses to “Coffee”

  1. El Guapo writes:

    Hope that’s not a life size representation of your cup!!!

  2. duke writes:

    used to love going to starbucks,,, sadly enough my lack of mobility and present finances keep me from paying 5 bucks for a coffee… I drink the home stuff now with flavored creamer,,, but usually end up only drinking maybe half a cup a day,

  3. GRRaceAlive writes:

    Me neither. Then the taste of mochas became compelling. One thing led to another: Mocha addiction, coffee stop habit, random coffee shop stranger chats, coffee shop coffee buddys-turned-group therapy sessions… The routines and familiar patterns become more important than the actual coffee – but now I can even drink it black….but no decaf, please.

  4. amy writes:

    Weird. Me too.

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