Legs / Library of Congress

Legs / Library of Congress

Many stroke people are jealous people. I am jealous of athletes. All those fit limbs. I miss my previous legs.

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  1. Charlene Nassaney writes:

    we can totally relate! We love this blog! Hello friends, We finally have our blog up and running. We would love for you to check it out and/or subscribe. We enjoyed writing articles for Stroke Connection Magazine, (Nov. Dec. ’06, “The Grief Process,” and Jan. Feb. ’12, “Surviving With A Positive Attitude.”) We are excited about the release of our new book! Hope to see you soon! Dave Nassaney & Charlene Nassaney

  2. Megan writes:

    Not just stroke people– all of us who were once relatively able-bodied and are now disabled. I am jealous of people who can go take a yoga class after work, or who run several miles in the morning without thinking too much about it. I gaze longingly at the Athleta catalog in the way that other people read InStyle magazine.

  3. dave nassaney writes:


    this link should work

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