Megaphone / Library of Congress

Megaphone / Library of Congress

Mindpop has made me famous. This past weekend, I was invited to Salt Lake City to speak for the Utah Stroke Symposium, thanks to a Mindpop reader.

I told the doctor and therapist audience to be encouraging to their patients. I haven’t always had encouraging care. Watch out, heartless medical staff, your patients are speaking.

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  1. Billy Ethridge writes:

    Congratulations, Nina. Watch out,indeed, medical staff!

  2. amy writes:

    I love it!

  3. barbara writes:

    Yes, yes, yes!

  4. Pat writes:


  5. Emma writes:

    I found all my therapists, nurses and doctor’s to be brilliant! I feel like I receieved excellent care! My view of the medical world went up exponentially!

  6. Jennifer writes:

    I just fired one of my doctors who could not understand that part of his role was to motivate & inspire; don’t underestimate how damaging it is to have this kind of negativity around you; since cutting him loose I have been sleeping better & my energy is way up! Doctors are not irreplaceable, and need to earn your patronage same as with any other business, if you are not happy, move on!!

  7. Be Nice! « mycerebellarstrokerecovery writes:

    […] this blog….Mindpop..I recently subscribed to it and it’s great.  The most recent post, megaphone, is right on.  I had some doctors, nurses, and, therapists that I don’t think were very good […]

  8. Mason B writes:

    WOW. That is great, congrats! and good advice!

  9. GirlWithTheCane writes:

    Such great, common-sense advice…or you’d think that it would be…

  10. nick writes:

    It has almost been a year since my brother had his stroke. We’ve had some amazing and some really pessimistic doctors, nurses, and therapists. I agree with you. There is no room for negativity! Keep up the great work Nina!

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