Trampoline / Wellcome Images

Trampoline / Wellcome Images

Today at the rehab hospital my physical therapist put me on a trampoline. I used to love jumping around when I was a kid. Since my stroke I am an invalid who has less fun. But today I bounced around. “Jump!” “Keep jumping!” “Jump twice and stop!” Cathartic. Boing! Boing! Boing

8 Responses to “Trampoline”

  1. dean r writes:

    Thanks for reminding me, I’ve wanted to get one for the past year and this triggered ordering one tonight. And since I’m my own doctor and therapist I have an idiot as a patient. I want a fun therapy for once.

  2. Nina Mitchell writes:

    Mine was a little trampoline, maybe 3 feet wide, and my therapist was right behind me.

  3. dean reinke writes:

    Thats about what I ordered, with a safety grab bar.

  4. Elisha writes:

    Oh I love the trampoline too ut it makes me oh so dizzy now as does swinging, I just can’t move that fast my brain lags behind, poor little brain

  5. barbara writes:

    only my good leg has a reaction time good enough to do this and it is darn stubborn, so I suspect I would be doing it one-legged. For others though …

  6. GirlWithTheCane writes:

    Thanks for the smile. 🙂

  7. Andrea writes:

    I could not jump and think, which is what they wanted. Took all the fun out of it. I loved that my pt was right behind, because I was concentrating so hard I kept losing balance!

  8. Mike Blanchard writes:

    Man, I feel ripped off! I didn’t get any bouncy bounce therapy. Closest I got was that damn balance board with the half ball on the bottom. 🙂

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