Writer / Library of Congress

Writer / Library of Congress

Very exciting: TheAtlantic.com has published my story, “The Escape.” It’s the true account of sneaking out of a hospital shortly after my brain surgery to go to a party.

TheAtlantic.com story: “The Escape”


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  1. Grace Carpenter writes:

    Wow! Congratulations!

  2. xina writes:

    I found this site after reading your story in the Atlantic (online). I love it. I became physically disabled via a progressive, degenerative neuromuscular disease at the age of 35 (5 years ago). I am able to relate to a lot of what you talk about and I enjoy reading and thinking about each entry.

  3. Amy writes:

    Great article! I went to the bathroom alone too. I hope that’s a sign that I’m gonna be ok.

  4. Jim Linnehan writes:

    Congratulations, Nina!

  5. Mike Blanchard writes:

    Wow! That’s awesome. Can’t beleive it’s been 6 months 1 week since my mind popped. Congrats Nina.

  6. Linda Cooper writes:

    That is wonderful! Congratulations!

  7. Shirley writes:

    You are clearly the hero of your own life.

  8. Jamie writes:

    Awesome! You clearly have not lost your wit or sense of humor. Keep up the writing and love the blog as ever.

  9. Brooke Hatfield writes:

    Nina- congratulations on the article! So great to see your work- you’ve come such aong way from obscure cultural events. Speaking of, come by the hospital to visit the next time you’re in DC. Again, congratulations.

  10. Liz writes:

    Hooray and tralala for all of your coups, Nina!

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