Disability Growing

Disability Growing / Wellcome Images

Disability Growing / Wellcome Images

A new study shows that people around the world are now living longer but disability comes with longer life.

From the Washington Post:

The health of most of the planet’s population is rapidly coming to resemble that of the United States, where death in childhood is rare, too much food is a bigger problem than too little, and life is long and often darkened by disability….Burden of Disability

2 Responses to “Disability Growing”

  1. Marcelle writes:

    Good article. Thanks!

  2. kent writes:

    Every so often WaPo has an article that’s a mandantory face-palmer.

    OH SO PEOPLE ARE MORE DISABLED??? WTF does that mean?

    If there are more disabled it’s because we don’t put funny looking kids out on ice floes any more or stuff the disabled in asylums. There are more disabled because our concept of ‘human’ has enlarged, and those with disabilities get more help and accomodation to live ‘normal’ lives.

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