Automobile / Library of Congress

Automobile / Library of Congress

Today I drove my boyfriend all around. This is a big step. Chauffeur Nina.

Where should we go around Boston? Elsewhere?

4 Responses to “Chauffeur”

  1. Amy writes:

    Yes, go elsewhere. Get out of that city.

  2. barbara writes:

    next time you’re looking for a near-Boston destination … Pick Gloucester. gorgeous and has great food and wonderful art. the downside is that you have to drive 128 to get here.

    also, I hope your chauffeuring ended before 3, when hell broke loose there.

  3. Nina Mitchell writes:

    Yes, it was this morning. The Boston marathon explosion is so sad.

  4. barbpolan writes:

    Whew! I keep thinking of all those newly disabled people. It makes my lot not look so bad – missing a leg has got to be harder than this.

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