Boston Winter

Boston Common 1904 / Library of Congress

Boston Common 1904 / Library of Congress

I am back in Boston, where it is a balmy 7 Fahrenheit/-14 Celsius. I find that my body tenses up when I go out in weather like this. Do other stroke types notice this too?

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  1. Dean writes:

    The affected leg pretty much becomes a log that I swing to ambulate. If there is a moveable knee joint its locked up. The arm is constantly at attention across my waist

  2. Shelly writes:

    Yes. The left side of my head and neck tighten and tense terribly. I had a cerebellar stroke due to a left vertebral artery dissection.

  3. suzanne writes:

    Oh yes, my arm and leg tendez up with this cold weather.
    I started wearing long johns and snow pants. I Also have grips under my boots for walking on icy sidewalks.

  4. Vicki writes:

    My neurologic damage is more distal (brachial plexus) and winters are always the hardest time for me. My damaged area tenses in response to the cold and pain ensues. Living in CA helps as does down!

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