Apocalypse / Wellcome Images

Apocalypse / Wellcome Images

My stroke took away my organization for awhile. Before, I wasn’t anal neat, but I had basic tidiness skills. After my stroke I lost things and threw papers into my bag where they would get all tattered up. I had to train myself to be organized again, such as, “Put papers in a folder!” Now I’m back to my reasonably organized self. But it is odd when aspects of your personality change on a dime. Do you have differences? Would you change them?

2 Responses to “Organization”

  1. w writes:

    Yes. It’s been 20 months and I’m just now able to organize. Initially, I wasn’t able to organize, then it just exhausted me. I couldn’t see how the items went together. I’m doing my first real house organizing now and after 20 months it really needs it.

  2. Susan McGoldrick writes:

    I lost all organization skills. It’s been 10 months since my brain bleed and my executive function and organization ability have taken the biggest hit. I canst seem to clean my house since it requires organizing. Before my bleed I was literally known for my organization skills. My pre-kid career was organizing vast quantities of data for M&A. The dream I would go back to my career when my son was in school full time is shattered now. But I’m alive albeit a fatter, slower self!

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