Robot II

Robot Man / Library of Congress

Robot Man / Library of Congress

I am trying to get more time with the robot machine at my hospital. You watch a monitor and play video games while a special robot  joystick measures your movements and results. I found it very helpful, but I was in a research study that ended.

The hospital scheduler asked me, “Why do you want extra time on the robot machine?”

I said, “Have you ever seen Occupational Therapy? You move blocks and cones and weights around for an hour at a time. It’s useful, but it gets boring after awhile. I’d much rather play video games with the same results.”

We’ll see if that works. Robots are the future.

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  1. John Lightner writes:

    Ohio State is working on video in which the patient paddles a kayak causing use of effected arm and hand. This video helped me to raise arm in shower and additional use of effected hand in ADL. Videos are the tool of the future for patients challenged by location and cost.

  2. Robot III | Mindpop. writes:

    […] limbs working again. That’s my approach right now: I used a robot  and video games in a research study at my rehab hospital, and now I am using a personal device at […]

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