Graduation / Library of Congress

Graduation / Library of Congress

A new study says that “better-educated people appear to be significantly more likely to recover from a moderate to severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). Those with at least a college education are seven times more likely than those who didn’t finish high school to be disability-free one year after serious TBI.” Study…

Another reason to slog through never-will-be-read-again term papers.

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  1. Elizabeth writes:

    That’s because survivors have to be smart enough to research everything about their own recovery and then formulate a plan that works for them. If you leave your recovery up to the “experts” you’re screwed.

  2. Dean writes:

    I’ll echo Elizabeth.

  3. Simone writes:


  4. GZ writes:

    Being educated is an active process even if it’s just watching an educational program.

    I think people who have taken the time to learn and explore have also built a skill set that allows them to grow and with that to overcome. I know that I’ve worked hard to not accept all that the new me entails. Sometimes it been in complete futility, but other things have helped.

    I would be curious to know if people who in skilled crafts that require practice and exploration show a similar result. Perhaps an artist that explores new techniques?

  5. Mary writes:

    Oh that is a relief! I am very good at falling on my head…three concussions already …but three advanced degrees…hope for me! Best wishes for your wedding.

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