Bath / Wellcome Images

Bath / Wellcome Images

At the hospital after brain surgery, I committed rebellious acts. I snuck out of my bed and went to the bathroom by myself, instead of ringing for the attendant and waiting a very long time. I only fell once, sprawled out on the gray industrial bathroom tile, feeling sorry for myself.

Did you commit rebellious acts?

3 Responses to “Rebellion”

  1. Nina Mitchell writes:

    Although my mother has said I was nicer in the hospital than out.

  2. Emma writes:

    I hated having to ring the bell to pee! I finally figured out I had to and eventually learned not to wait too long as it took forever for someone to appear as my room was at the end of the hall far away from the nurses station.
    I used to knock people with my cane, in a joking manner but I got in trouble for it. My response was if you’re going to make me use a cane you have to let me have fun with it!
    My left side is my affected side. It took forever for me to regain the use of my left hand or leftie as I refer to it. I was allowed to give the therapists the middle finger if I used leftie to do so. I still give people the finger with leftie and it always makes me smile!

  3. Marie writes:

    I swear this could have been written by me! EXACTLY the same thing happened to me shortly after my brain surgery. I got so fed up with ringing the bell then waiting forever. Then they would leave the second I got in there anyway. I was always in trouble for going on my own.

    I was finally granted solo bathroom rights and the very first time I fell on the way to the bathroom…

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