Quincy Market / Library of Congress

Quincy Market / Library of Congress

Boston’s Quincy Market is a much copied model of urban revitalization. Old falling apart buildings became an outdoor historic chic shopping mall. The designers left the cobblestones on the ground to give it authenticity.

Boom!…. Damn! One of my biggest falls was on the stones of Quincy Market.

Cobblestones suck. Pave them. Pave them all.

Do you have falling stories?

3 Responses to “Cobblestones”

  1. Gz writes:

    I bump into things. Somehow my sense of self is a little off.

    Doors and corners mostly. Its like someone stuck my arms about 4 inches farther out.

  2. Emma Glover writes:

    My fave falls (dripping sarcasm!) are the ones I do in public around people that know nothing about brain injury! I haven’t fallen in quite awhile. When it happened it was usually cuz my left toes got caught on a door lip throwing me off balance. Now I’m careful to pick up my left foot with uneven surfaces. The most I do these days is drift. Thankfully I no longer lurch into complete strangers.
    To Gz; I had to reach myself to scan left as I used to walk into things and misjudge corners. I think it’s due to concepts called propriception (spelling) – not knowing where our body is in space, and visual neglect. I have left visual neglect.

  3. Billy Ethridge writes:

    The first fall I had after my hemorrhagic stroke was the very first time I tried to sit in a wheelchair. Unable to feel any point of my right side, I helplessly slid to the floor.

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