Contemplate / Library of Congress

Contemplate / Library of Congress

Recently someone asked me if my personality had changed since my stroke. If so, did I like the new version of me. Better? Worse?

My personality has definitely changed a bit. Do I like it better? Still contemplating.

Have you been changed?

2 Responses to “Contemplate”

  1. Emma Glover writes:

    The best way I can describe my personality pre and post injury is via a description a psychologist gave me during rehab while trying to come to terms with the changes to my life. Pre Injury Emma is Emma1 and Post Injury Emma is Emma2. Emma2 will never be Emma1 but there are traits of Emma1 in Emma2. I think the traits from Emma1 that helped me rehab as well as I have are determination, strength and perseverance. There are issues in Emma2 that I honestly had in Emma1 but I think are exacerbated by my brain injury. For example, stubborn, black and white thinking, impatience. Although I like to think of stubbornness in a positive light called perseverance. So, yes I’ve changed. It’s any body’s opinion if the changes are for the worse or better.

  2. Laura writes:

    I think your personality now is fab! Wish I had known you before, but I didn’t, so I can’t compare, but am so happy you are who you are!

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