Positive / Library of Congress

Positive / Library of Congress

Do you plan to get everything you have lost back? Limbs? Speech? Your life? Are you positive?

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  1. Roy Stone writes:

    I am 64. I lost a lot using my body wrong in hard labor. I also had low self-esteem. I also had a small stroke in 1998. I started listening to my intuition in 2008. It got me into better diet, stretching, and learning about healing. I am healing and getting everything I lost back. I think I’m going to be even better because I got my head screwed on straight.

  2. Jo Murphey writes:

    I’m positive I will not get everything back. But why waste all the new adaptions I’m learning and creating.

  3. Emma writes:

    The one thing that still remains eludive to me is getting my fulfilling career back. I just started an Itslian course to try and get mental stimulation. It’s definitely going to challenge me; more than I anticipated.

  4. Jerry Bourdeaux writes:

    After breakfast, I am filled with illusions of grandeur. Maybe I will train for another triathlon, sure there is one more left in me. Maybe I will sign up for another art class; it’s not too late to get an MFA degree. Or maybe I will finally commit to a diet, slim down a little, and see my dermatologist about erasing those wrinkles that make me look my age (70) rather than how I feel (40). After a slow walk to ponder these possibilities, I am ready for a nap. Later, I will answer email, read the paper, and tackle a few chores. As the sun sets, I find myself eating a salad and having a glass of wine, wondering where the time has gone.

  5. Beverley writes:

    I still keep working on it every day even after 8 1/2 years (what else do I have to do???).
    My speech they say is getting better and I still feel new muscles everyday. The muscles start out as a tiny quiver and after several months of using them they have grown into real muscles that I can “turn on and off” when I want to!!!

  6. Leah writes:

    Hi,I had a massive stroke at 28 years of age and for awhile I was quite angry at “old” people who were fine(still working on that) However,I have a better outlook now and believe(sometimes doubt does creep in ) that I WILL get my life back also! It was so hard to find other young people this horrendous thing has happened to, but since age actually is on our side… I say let’s rally in the face of adversity and not let the things we rightly deserve to have be lost.
    carry on dearie
    xo -Leah

  7. Suzanne writes:

    now 3 years since my stroke. Still working hard on getting all those muscles toned. My walking has improved a lot and I participated in 3 5km runs this year. My last one was at the Montréal rock n roll marathon this sept 28 th. I ca actualy jogg for about a minute then walk for 15 minutes and jogg again. I am very proud of my progress and continue working to improve. So YES I am very positive

  8. Marta szwaya writes:

    Iam 5 years post sroke. have learned to walk, but still use a cane, and likely always will, but improving slowly but surely. I returned to work about 3 months post stroke. I ‘retired’ from my corporate job in 2013 and then went on to run the manufacturing business I own with my husband. I work at that 5 days a week 50+ hours, so in that sense, I am back yo my former self…still working on the physical deficits that remain – no cognitive issues though. M

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