Telephone / Library of Congress

Telephone / Library of Congress

After my stroke, I was having trouble remembering ten-digit phone numbers  in my head, in the correct order. I came up with a solution: interrupting sweetly.

Mr. Normal is on the phone. He says, “….my number is 1234567890.”

I cut in before he can finish. Friendly, I deliberately start the number over.

“123,” I say.

Mr. Normal, “….456… pause…

“456,” I repeat, pleasantly.

Mr. Normal: “….7890.”

Parrot: “7890.”

“That’s right,” says Mr. Normal genially.

Works like a charm. Any other tricks?

3 Responses to “Telephone”

  1. mason writes:

    I never had a stroke and I do your interrupting sweetly technique all the time because I can never remember phone numbers. What does that say about me. 😉

  2. GZ writes:

    I do something similar. I can hold the first three to six numbers. I’ll then repeat the portion I’m confident on and then pause. The other party will almost always chime in with the last portion.

    I have to write it down of course, it wont remain if I don’t write it down.

  3. Simone writes:

    I find that I sometimes move two (or more) numbers around, so I tell people to text me the number. That works for me!

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