Time IV

Dr. Pepper / Library of Congress

Dr. Pepper / Library of Congress

The first year after my stroke, I had so many tasks to work on that I didn’t think about time.

The second year was the hardest, because I knew what was wrong and I did think about  time. How long would everything take to get better? No one knew the answer.

It got better after that.

What was your attitude toward time?

4 Responses to “Time IV”

  1. Emma writes:

    I find my time management has gone to complete crap since my stroke. I am always late or early. I have a real hard time being on time.

  2. Marta Szwaya writes:

    Nina, I was as process driven as before. I just couldn’t believe how long things took to improve. For me, the emotional healing after stroke was the hardest. Accepting the new me. Once I got there, everything else has been fine

  3. barb Polan writes:

    In my first year, when I encountered a survivor who’d had a stroke years previously and hadn’t fully recovered, I arrogantly thought that that wasn’t me – that I’d be back to normal very soon. Now it’s turned into 5 years and I’m still expecting recovery – maybe not any minute, but at some point.

  4. Valerie writes:

    My attitude towards time when I had my stroke and even today is “I have nothing but time to work on my recovery and getting better so I can be the best I can possibly be”

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