Hidden Hand / Library of Congress

Hidden Hand / Library of Congress

A couple of years ago I worked with my Occupational Therapist and a machine for my hand and finger function. She stuck electrodes on my hand and arm, set the device on and buzzzzzzz! it tried to get my brain and nerves to notice the electricity. Not too comfortable, but I had good results. However, it was a pain to set up.

This week my OT took out a new version, where everything is computerized and WiFied. It took two minutes to set up and buzzzzzzz! off we went. It still is not very comfortable, but at least it is easy to set up.

I will report any results. Anyone else have interesting devices?

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  1. Emma writes:

    We tried similar with my left leg. Definitely uncomfortable and way too complicated for me to set up on my own in the future.

  2. Marta writes:

    I had an foot/ankle orthotic which i was very attached to, but it made
    shoe choices very limited. So last summer i decided to get rid of it. I have not worn it for a year now with no problems, and my shoe choices are much expanded, and my walking is just as good as with it…I should have done it long ago. But it’s water under the bridge…no use in crying over spilt milk.

  3. Device II | Mindpop. writes:

    […] have been using my electronic hand device for 2 hours a day for a couple of months now. My Occupational Therapist sees a difference in my […]

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