High Jump / Wellcome Images

High Jump / Wellcome Images

My husband and I have taken to watching the Ninja Warrior contest, where extreme athletes run through an insane obstacle course. It is the sort of mindless TV show you watch when you are exhausted after a day of baby watching. But it was inspiring too. The next day I went to the gym and did all my stroke exercises with renewed vigor. Ninja Strokemama.

What gets you motivated?

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  1. Roy Stone writes:

    That’s funny. I’ve seen those shows. Whatever keeps you exercising; is good. Young people don’t usually notice how important exercise is. My wife is Chinese and she has been doing a type of exercise that softens the body. If you watch someone that is a Tai Chi master their movements are very soft.. The body gets out of alignment and then it starts compensating in it’s movements. That’s why you see old people all twisted but still getting around. Physical therapists know what I’m talking about. If you align the body then you can move a part of your body that was stuck or distorted. So I didn’t learn these things till I was sixty and met my wife. I had given up on exercise because it was so difficult and painful. Now I can exercise with new vigor because of her showing me why I was stuck. A very good strategy for exercising is to find a move you want to do and then find someone who can do that move very well. Ask them if you think it is a move you could practice at the level you are at. Then ask them to break it down for you so you know how to do it right (without the body compensating to accomplish the move). If you are successful this can be very inspiring.

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