Swimming / Library of Congress

Swimming / Library of Congress

Our little son is big on bathtime and water in general. He has been in the ocean, a pond and pools. We signed him up for a swimming class for babies and their parents. Dad goes in and I look on. Coldish water freaks out my stroke side.  My muscles wants to bend inward. Annoying!

Anyone else have water issues?

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  1. emma writes:

    never heard of this issue.

  2. Beverley writes:

    Yes! I am glad to hear that someone else has those issues! I like warmer water better. We recently were down in warmer ocean waters and I have been trying snorkeling….it makes me feel free! No gravity and fear of falling!

  3. Sandra writes:

    Anything cold will cause my muscles to band inward too. I have a hard time during long, cold winters.

  4. barb Polan writes:

    Yes, my spasticity increases in cold water. I do water therapy, though, in a slightly chilly pool, and the temp doesn’t seem to bother me while I exercise.

  5. Perryne writes:

    I found this particularly compelling. I was petrified of the water until…. On my 75 birthday, my present to myself was swimming lessons. I now understand how healing water can be .
    Your blog is sensitive and informative.

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