Venus / Gina Wheelborne

Venus / Gina Wheelborne

A disability art show is going on in Southern California this week. Venus in a wheelchair, among other things.


7 Responses to “Venus”

  1. Marta szwaya writes:

    Very cool! Marta

  2. emma writes:

    I actually participated in a brain injury art show with some of my post injury photographs. Made my fist photo sale!!

  3. Alice writes:

    I plan to go see it. Thanks for the recommendation and the great image!

  4. patti nugent writes:

    Nina — I am impressed (as usual) with your work. I think you must inspire everyone. Thanks for lifting me up and making me smile too

  5. Cathy writes:

    Sounds fascinating! I’m going to try to make it.

  6. Sara L. Cannon writes:

    From Sara Cannon
    You are ever inventive, creative and informative about your experience. In showing this art masterpiece that inserts an evocative image of disability and beauty you make a great point in both a “classic” and classy way.

  7. Lois writes:

    My husband and I and some friends viewed the disability art show at CSUN in Northridge, CA. It was great. Very innovative and meaningful works. The docent also gave a lot of interesting background info about the works and the artists.

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