Dogs / Library of Congress

Dogs / Library of Congress

A California man is improving his hand function after strokes by massaging a stray dog each day. More interesting than rehab gyms. Woof!

Does anyone else have creative ways to exercise?

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  1. Jerry Bourdeaux writes:

    Yeah. Every time I stand up I pull in my stomach, stand up straight and pretend I am in shape. Than I take a step and the reality takes over. My stomach still hangs out; my shoulders are still rounded; and I am still 71 years old. Still, I feel stronger, straighter, and younger. Part of the fun of being older, is having illusions and then seeing them disappear, like children blowing soap bubbles.

    Still, I like to think I can improve.

  2. Marta szwaya writes:

    I do the same thing, except I am just a kid of 61…I believe we all have the ability to improve and illusions just help you visualize. I believe you can be what you visualize yourself to be, to be positive but not stick stuck serious. Humor softens everything

  3. Jenny writes:

    I work with an older woman who had a stroke a year and a half ago. She makes the floral arrangements for our church congregation every week. She cuts the stems and arranges them beautifully. Every time you post I tell her about it and I love reading the articles you send links too. Thank you so much for helping me learn about this! I am in nursing school and looked up strokes on google one day because I didn’t know much about it and I that is how I found your blog. I love it! You sound pretty awesome.

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