Lightning / Library of Congress

Lightning / Library of Congress

I’ve been using the electronic arm machine consistently. It is terribly dull: 2 hours a day. My hand has definitely improved. The only problem is that the machine has given me a mild electric burn on my arm.  So now I have a few days off while my skin stops being red.

The things we do for hand function. Any other examples?


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  1. Roy Stone writes:

    I am curious. What is a more specific name of your” electric arm machine”? That does not google into anything I saw that one could use to rehabilitate an arm. I have and use a “scenar,” which is a Russian instrument that sends low electric current into the body. If you use it a lot in the same place it will burn you a bit.

  2. Nina Mitchell writes:

    *I am not endorsing it.* It takes a full year of 2 hours a day work, and I am in the middle of it. The name of the device is Bioness H200 Wireless hand system.

  3. Roy Stone writes:

    Thanks, Nina. You might want to ask some knowledgable people about a devise called a “Scenar”( pronounced SKEENAR ) Scenar technology is Russian. It is a more sophisticated devise than the H200 Wireless. Since you are in Boston there are probably professionals that do Scaner. I have one and use it for rehabilitating some fingers I lost but had sewn back on. I also use it to revitalize muscles that are tight or atrophied. It would be interesting if the Scenar would help rehabilitate your hand and arm.

  4. Hannah writes:

    I’ve been thinking about this post and wondering how progress is going with the Bioness. Is it helping? What was level of functioning in your arm when you started? Where is it now?

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