Eye / Library of Congress

Eye / Library of Congress

I have vision loss because of my stroke. There is a narrow strip that I cannot see around 6 o’clock of my sight.

Once a year I visit my eye doctor. He has me sit in a machine that measures my sight and periphery. I just went. My brain is still improving. Each year the missing piece gets smaller.


3 Responses to “Vision”

  1. Roy Stone writes:

    This news is very inspiring. Our bodies can heal even after big health setbacks.

  2. Hannah writes:

    This is very exciting! I love knowing that the body and brain can heal itself. Even if it is slow.

  3. LEAH writes:

    This is good news! Because, just today I was nearly crying at to my Dad the fact that they will not let me drive(seemingly ever) because of a vision field cut on my left side. That’s the only reason they won’t let me try. Therefore, I am praying and waiting for the day my vision comes back! I really can’t take this no driving thing much longer… 🙁

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