Hand / Wellcome Image

Hand / Wellcome Images

There are tiny muscles in your hands called lumbricals. Apparently my stroke palm was super tight. My doctor injected them with Botox — Zop! Eek! Not fun. They do seem looser now.

Anyone have similar problems?

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  1. emma writes:

    Yes, I had botox injectuions in my left arm and then did lots of exercises. Now my arm is pretty good. Almost 10 years post injury I am now getting botox injections in my left leg to combat the spasticity. I can handle the calf injections but the one shot in my left shin is uber challenging!!

  2. Hannah writes:

    Botox doesn’t really work for me. My PMR has us trying myo-bloc. We are playing around with dosage. MY PT thinks I should do both Baclofen and myo-bloc. Spasticity is the worst! i’m hoping it’ll help though.

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