Happy Gait

Dancer / Library of Congress

Dancer / Library of Congress

Finally! I can walk without contorting my stroke leg. At my rehab hospital they videoed my walk and the PT was impressed.  No hip-hiking. No stubbing my toe. Just a happy gait.

Take that, therapists who want to discharge stroke patients after a few sessions. I’ve been working on my walk for a while, with slow but continual progress.

3 Responses to “Happy Gait”

  1. Emma writes:

    Well done!!! Ik ow I could have i
    Proved the quality of my gait if I had longer. Well done you!!!

  2. Roy Stone writes:

    The body is amazing how it can recover if given a chance. Congratulations to all your hard work and those that helped you.

  3. Grace Carpenter writes:

    Congratulations! But you have to tell us how you made so much progress. Was there one particular thing that really helped?

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