Insurance Dance

Can Can / Library of Congress

Can Can / Library of Congress

My therapists want to see me, but they have to justify it to my health insurance. Which leads to the Insurance Dance. My hand can’t be just getting better, but it has to be more functional to get therapists reimbursed. We are currently working on ways my hand needs to be more functional around my son: Putting on stuck, annoying zippers, grabbing his hand when he decides to flee, etc.

Any crazy Insurance Dance stories?

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  1. Dan writes:

    How about filling out insurance forms as a functional activity?

  2. Josh writes:

    H Ninai. I listened to your piece on NPR here and now. Like your son, my son is also 2 years old. My son had a pretty large stroke at birth, most all of his left side was damaged. Like you mention, kids are very resilient and his brain is constantly finding or creating new paths to do things. He is doing fantastic, he can walk, he still doesn’t use his right arm or hand but with therapy we will continue working on this. Speech is a challenge now as he is learning to speak and using sign. You caught my attention because I often find it hard to relate with what he feels, or What he’s capable of doing. He’s so young, he doesn’t know anything different. Here’s my main point and it’s a question, how are you able to get insurance to cover your therapy? If at all possible. He’s currently getting therapy through first steps, and is paid for until he turns 3. He turns 3 in December, insurance has told us that they will not cover his therapy after first steps. I am concerned that he will get left behind unless I find more help. Any ideas or information you can provide woul$ be great.

    Thank you!

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