Evelyn / New York Public Library

Evelyn / New York Public Library

Harvard Medical School asked me to speak on the first day of their Neurology course. My hope is that the students take away: be encouraging to stroke patients! We can continue to get better for years! I have had run-ins with therapists and doctors who have not been encouraging. I’m busy proving them wrong.

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  1. Marta Szwaya writes:

    Nina, I too am busy proving the doubters wrong. I am 8 years post strokeAt the time of my stroke i was a senior corporate executive. I returned to work 4 months post stroke. I did have to make some accomodations to the stroke; for example my husband drove me to work as my office was in downtown Chicago and it was winter, so my mobility required some adjustments. Today I run my family business. I have not missed a day of work in 8 years i was able to discard my leg brace and today I wear regular shoes, but I still use a cane, and will for some time to come, but
    I’ve made peace with that. I am the financial head in my company. Life is challenging but satisfying. My idiot left hand and arm are non functioning, but i work around that. I cook, entertain, take care of my home, Everything takes much longer but my lif emoves along at a civilized pace…certainly not the frenetic pace it was pre-stroke. which byitself is a blessing.

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