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A librarian wrote in with a speech therapy question: he has a patron who has pretty strong aphasia, or loss of language. The patron likes movies, so the library staff try to help him select them.

“Do you know is there a list of vocabulary that staff can use to aid him? For example, he will say ‘world, 1, 2, 3, 4, you know, come on! Me!’ We try to clarify by asking, ‘scifi? Documentary? Series? South America?’ Many times he gets frustrated and leaves. And help that you can offer or resources that you can point me to would be very appreciated.”

When I had aphasia, I often wrote things down. I don’t know if that is an option for this library patron. Maybe some crowd sourcing here? Any patients or speech therapists with helpful ideas?

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  1. Mike Kane writes:

    This is a problem. Many APHASIAs cannot write etc.
    1000 words = one picture.
    Perhaps try this.

  2. Oli writes:

    They could try some of the following to help this person with aphasia:
    – encourage him to describe the film with other words (e.g. which actors are in it? where is it set? what happens in it?), this may be easier and could trigger the actual title for the person
    – ask him to write it down / draw key things or objects from the film / gesture some key words from the title
    – consider making an aphasia friendly film catalogue for users (there’s some helpful information on this here:
    – make a picture index of titles broken down into categories
    – reassure the person that you know that they know the word and are happy to give them as much time as they need to get it out

  3. Sara Coffelt writes:

    I am a speech languagw pathologist that works in post-acute rehab. My suggestion would be for the man’s family (or library staff, if you are willing) to make a small picture ring of movie genra’s that he can carry around with him and show the staff to help furthsr communication.
    For example, a ring with pictures or words like “Sci-Fi” “Drama” “Western” “New Release.”
    Hope this helps!

  4. Diane Neary writes:

    Do you think he might have been asking about THE DIVING BELL AND THE BUTTERFLY ?

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