Alabama / Library of Congress

Alabama / Library of Congress

My 2-year-old son enjoys his musical instruments – a ukulele, a harmonica, a triangle, a xylophone. (We have avoided buying a drum.) He likes belting out bluegrass tunes on his ukulele. Sometimes he hands it to me, whose right hand can play but not with his gusto. Then he looks annoyed.

Have you had moments when your kids notice your disability?

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  1. Valerie writes:

    My kids were 12 and 17 when I became disabled. My 3 year old granddaughter has noticed I have no use of my stroke affected left arm on my yearly visit this summer. I have told her grandma’s arm doesn’t work. She occasionally asks if this arm is broken. I say yes. She also says grandma walks slow but she is fast. Kind of cute…

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