Cripples / Wellcome Images
Cripples / Wellcome Images

Boston just relocated its rehab hospital. The new building is state-of-the-art and faces the river. That's nice. It is also completely unfriendly to disabled people who need public transportation. Or their families. Before, the hospital was centrally located, near lots of trains.  The new building is on the outskirts of town.

Today I had an appointment there. No trains go there. You can wait for a shuttle which does not drop you off at hospital, but a couple blocks away. Really? These are the people who need this service the most. There is a city bus that also drops you off somewhere else. I opted for the bus, which never arrived. So I walked along the bus route 40 minutes, near a bucolic freeway.

I received a marketing card in the mail from the hospital. I quote:

"Accessible via public transportation"

"Less than 10 minutes from the former Nashua Street locations"

Truth in advertising?